Friday, March 27, 2009

six months and sitting up!

today is ani's six month doctor appt - lots of shots!!! :(
her actual half birthday was last saturday (her aunt lezlie's birthday). she is becoming MUCH more mobile and is delighted by every new noise, sight, and even taste. i think she is beginning to get the hang of solid foods - applesauce being the favorite. our favorite new development is her laugh - it is a great spontaneous giggle (a little horse sounding) that thrills us to no end. we are trying to capture this on video and if/when we succeed it will appear on this blog. here are some of her best pics this past month...

"i'll do it myself!"

"what happened?"

"i'm warning you - get back mom!"

"look what i can do!!!"

"this is my first bath in the tub - don't you wish you had a cool duck like me?"