Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i am 30! this year has been an UNBELIEVABLE blessing to our family. our daughter joined us - we moved into our first house - our brother is bringing a new girl into the family via marriage next week - our friends have been exceedingly generous with us - our God has proven His faithfulness again and again. WE LOVE HIM - and we love you.

on my 29th birthday He spoke Psalm 87:7, "all my springs of joy are in You" as a present for my 30th year. He has given us much to be joyful about this year, and also we have met many challenges and griefs. but this remains constant as His Word - He is my spring of joy overflowing. i know He delights in me just as i delight in my own daughter. may this year bring you the same joy.

here are some pictures of the party my family put together for the BIG day... SURPRISE!!!



John said...

you can totally see my tonsils in the picture of us together.

Kolby said...

no words.... ok, 3 - you are beautiful!

Kristina said...

Love the pictures!!! Looks like you had a fun birthday!

Brian and Jessica Ross said...

What a great family you have! :-) I love the picture of you and Jen with your cheeeesy smiles!! Ani is beautiful! She takes after her momma! Love you!