Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a lot.

ani is growing and changing so quickly - i don't feel like we have adequately documented in this blog. so here's my best attempt at catching you up on the last quarter of her life (she's 4 months now, so you do the math!)


the biggest hit this Christmas was her new mobile.
hours of entertainment.

with aunt keelie - pretty great.

ani with uncle pete
i like how tiny she looks here

ani's first Christmas book from Mimi
(not actually, now that i think about it - she gave us Santa Mouse before Ani was even on the faber radar!)

poppy and his newest girl

watching President Obama's inauguration

yep, she can wink atcha' - pretty talented.

our "official" family pic

"unofficial" family pic

in other faber-redfearn news... ed and lori are official. their wedding was a beautiful day. we know the best is yet to come.

new sister!!!

newlywedded bliss


Kristina said...

LOVE the pics, she is adorable!

Jacey Lynn said...

I love all the pics, G! :) Would LOVE copies! ;)