Tuesday, September 22, 2009


here is a "short" list of all the things i love about ani...

1. her "alto" voice. she has had a deep voice since her first cries in the hospital. this adorable trait also translates to her laughter - LOVE IT.

2. she curls her toes under just like her daddy! this can make it difficult to put shoes on her feet, but still, delightful!

3. when she is concentrating she sticks her tongue out - like her mommy.

4. she gets really excited when we go to get her up from a nap - particularly to see cliff - who she always looks for and waves "hello."

5. ani's favorite books are "mr. brown can moo!" and "the very busy spider" - both are filled with animal sounds and other onomatopoetic words. she clicks her tongue every time we get to the hand knocking on the door.

6. she dances to whatever music we have playing, but her favorite is Pablo Casals' recording of Bach's cello suites.

7. whenever she enters a room that has a picture of will in, she never fails to point "da-da" out.

8. she has discovered "social" laughter. when will and i laugh at one another, ani joins in. the best part is, it is not her "real" laugh, but a manufactured fake laugh. TOO FUNNY.

9. she LOVES to see other children. she usually sees them coming before i do and begins to bounce with excitement.

10. because of the bird mobile that hangs above her bed, she refers to everything that is hanging from the ceiling as "bir(d)" - ceiling fan, chandelier, posters in restaurants. only once has she actually pointed out a real bird.

she is growing (now 18 lb, 12 oz and 29+ inches tall), and learning and getting stronger every day. i am thrilled to spend each day with her and be a witness to her life. thank you God for anabelle faber!!!

ps - the party is this saturday, so we'll post more birthday related photos then. these were taken by our friend whitney and were just TOO cute not to share!


Sarah and Ben said...

Number 8 is HILARIOUS!

Shannon said...

I love #8! That really is too funny!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Joy! --Alaunde

tyler hilker said...

i can't wait to meet this little girl! (neither can gabe)